Welcome to Sanity Falls

•Story: You will become Alexander Blackwell, a well-known psychologist, who’s burnt out due to the excessive amount of work he’s been doing lately. He came to Sanity Falls for a holiday with his wife, Livea to recharge his batteries and find happiness and feel something in his life again.

“I’m waking up with metallic taste of blood tainting my mouth. I look at my clothes and see blood everywhere, but I don’t feel any pain or see any wounds. It probably isn’t my blood. I try to think but realize that I have no memory of the last 24 hours. The last thing I remember is coming to Sanity Falls with my wife. I feel dizzy, someone must have drugged me.

Groggy and confused, I stagger onto my feet and call out for Livea. When silence answers me back, I become aware of my surroundings. I am on the edge of a bridge overlooking the Sanity River. In the puddle of blood beside me lays a phone. It starts ringing..”

Sanity Falls HUD attaches to the top left of your screen

••How to: 
Purchase the HUD for 100L and wear it. It will set in its correct position on your screen. 
More information on the HUD and its features is available on our "Using the HUD" page (the HUD itself has a button directing here if you get stuck in-game)

You must wear the hud to be able to get clues and prizes. You are also given an avatar to truly become Alex and immerse yourself into the story better.

Allow the Windlight settings when entering Sanity Falls. It will set the atmosphere for you.
Reduce draw distance to 200 max. and turn up the sounds.

Please remove facelights and heavily scripted objects.

The island is interactive and the gameplay is a typical point and click adventure.
Look for puzzles and solutions, the more you learn about the story, the more immersive it gets.

The main things to find inside the town are posters that look like this

When you dial the number on the poster you get a hint and a slurl. Your HUD marks it by highlighting it.

Teleport to the location by using the slurl and find an envelope that looks like this

When you have found an envelope your hud marks it as found and you will receive an instant prize.

    You can use the Home button on HUD to teleport back to Sanity Falls at any time.
    Once you have found all 50 posters and envelopes, follow HUD instructions.
    You will be rewarded.


•••When: The hunt will run from April 1st till June 30th.

••••Extra help:
To discuss about the hunt or ask for help, you can join the MadPeas group and talk in group chat. We will also post clues and happenings on our facebook page & blog.

•••••THE RULES•••••

The following rules and instructions must be followed to ensure that everyone gets to have a nice hunting experience.

•NO GRIEFING - the locations that you will be visiting are participating only in allowing the use of the area. The environments do not belong to MadPea Productions. Do not grief their other customers, visitors, members or residents. Do not break their posted rules.

••GROUP TAG RECOMMENDED -  When you are hunting, we would really appreciate if you wear the MadPea Group Tag.

•••NO LITTERING - Unless otherwise instructed to do so, do not rez or lay any objects from your inventory on any of the locations you will visit in the game.

••••MALFUNCTIONS - We are aware it is Second Life which has its own issues that we can not control, such as location logouts, reboots, or lagging and crashing. We have conducted several pre-game walkthroughs to make sure the hunt runs smoothly where it should, but we make no complete guarantees that there will be no issues during the hunt.

Should anything happen beyond our control that disrupts or halts the hunt, we will announce it in group notices at the first possible opportunity, providing further instructions relevant to the issue.

••••• REFRAIN FROM BAD SPORTSMANSHIP - Do not harass other players, do not instigate conflicts, and if you get stuck, no whining and complaining in group chat.
When you enter a new region, give it some time to rez before bumping into everyone else.

•••••• GROUP DIALOGUE IS ALLOWED - You are allowed to communicate in group chat and help each other out. You are however NOT allowed to give out an exact location of the hunt item.

••••••• HAVE FUN!!! We had a total blast creating this hunt and hope that you enjoy it too. :)

••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••••

The Sanity Falls hunt is created by MadPea Productions

About MadPea

MadPea Productions is a games development company based in the virtual world of Second Life. Makers of acclaimed puzzle games  'The Kaaos Effect', 'Reaction', 'The Devil's Labyrinth', 'Virtual Medical Doctor', ‘The Peatonville Mystery’  and many more... MadPea are an international team of talented content creators, who aim at taking games in Second Life to a new level.

MadPea Crew Hunt Creators

Kiana Writer
Madcow Cosmos
Smiley Dyrssen
Harter Fall
Midgard Ibanez
Clicquot Oh
paramparamm Papp
Lorin Tone
Eolene Uralia

Zachh Barkley (Co-writing, xplosive fx)
Colin Nilsson (Video & Alex voiceover)
Yelena Istmal (Furniture and interior design)
Jaimy Hancroft (Alex avatar = skin, shape, clothes, boots & accessories)
Electronic Mode (SF poster & 'blueprints')
Geoffrey Xenobuilder (scripting madness)
Sebastien Aries (Alex hair)
Cold Frog (styling assistance)
House (Baddie voiceover)
Waghorne Truss (creative assistance)
Row Whitewood (blogs)
Quan Lavender (blogs)
Nomica Juliesse (creative assistance)
Fuzz Difference (stand by scripting assistance)
Tichelle Teebrook (vendor wrangling assistance)
Fatty Kidd (laundromat build)
Bo Depretes (video music)
Arduenn Schwartzman (mirror fx)

Hoshi Island sponsored by
Cha Klaar

Huge thank you to our generous vendors:
Arcanum Harter Fall's Gallery[param] Toyland [noctis] Julia CollectionDeath Row Designs • Fallen Gods Inc. •  .:CoLLisions:. SheyGrim BrosEmpyreal Dreams*Just BECAUSE*FripperyWhimsyCarrie's LingerieFD Decor •  e s s e n c i a l..:: Legal Insanity ::..Mustang Trading PostWarBug HeadquartersPhoton's CastleKastle Rock CoutureCHANDELLE Design •  The Elegant Goth Dragon Magick WaresWhims & Wishes Mimsy Manor •  Peeps Fashion •  Southpaw •  :::Core:::   • T R I D E N T  • GL Sculpt MapsShabby ShackBoHo HoBo •  Sweet SinMagia Indigo OdditiesHooligan Streetwear[dirty.little.secret]~*Es Stylez*~ •  SIGMA Jewels •  Creative Decay Chaos, Panic & Disorder •  Rowena Paine's Junque •  *Goddess Apparel*kisetsuAberrantLilith's Den

Please note:
This adventure is meant to be scary and haunting. You will experience flashing lights, ghost effects, disturbing images and sounds. Please make yourself aware of this before you enter the build. You enter at your own risk.