Sanity Falls FAQ

1. I know, you're giving me this incredibly amazing avatar to wear. However, I don't want to change from my own avatar look. Do I have to wear the avatar to play?
- No, you don't have to. Wearing the avatar allows you to truly immerse to the story and we think it might be easier to imagine yourself as Alex when wearing the avatar. It's totally optional. Huge thank you to Jaimy Hancroft for creating the avatar and Sebastien Aries for donating the hair.

2. What is this SWA Memory Hog and why is it spamming me?  
 - We have worked hard to make sure that the game runs smooth, avatars with a lot of running scripts are causing sim lag, making the game absolutely horrible to play. Please allow everyone to have a smooth and well running game by removing your scripted items. Most clothes and accessories come these days with texture changer and re-sizer scripts. It's always recommended to take a copy of those and then remove the scripts from the items you're wearing. The creators should give well enough instructions to do this. While most avies should be well below 2MB with their scripts, we have set the limit to 7MB. If you are above 7MB, it will spam you until you take action.

3. I have a problem with the HUD / I don't know how to use the HUD?
 - Check out the detailed instructions on our Using the HUD page. If you still have a problem, please contact Smiley Dyrssen in-game. If your HUD rings and doesn't stop or gets stuck.. simply detach and reattach, or in most annoying cases, relog.

4. Umm.. so.. where do I start?
 - Right HERE

5. Ok, I'm clueless on where to go next, I'm really stuck at this point. Where can I find help?
 - Well, lucky for you, we are kind to post hints on our Facebook page and Blog. We also have in-world help available 24/7 in our group chat.

6. Where can I get the amazing furniture and props from?

- Yelena Istmal from [noctis] did the interior design. Follow the link to get your own copies of the extreme high quality furniture. The bigger builds will come for sale at MadPea soon.

7. The MAP takes me to some weird place. HELP!
 - For some reason this happens at times.. either click the map to teleport again OR use the SLURL given in local chat.

8. I have collected all posters and envelopes, what do I do now?
- Did you miss the media message somehow? If so, look at the media files in your HUD (Icon just above the ?) and play it. Take the slurl given to experience the ending.

9. How do I set my Windlight? I want to see the sim like you have planned it.

- The full experience of Sanity Falls includes special windlight settings.

To load it, simply click
    World > Sun > Use Region Settings

When you start the game you should be seeing something like this:
If for some reason (like you are still using the old v1.23 viewer) this is not what you see, below are the numbers so you can set it manually.


Blue Horizon: 34, 38, 42
    (0.13, 0.15, 0.16, 0.16)
Haze Horizon: 0.12
Blue Density: 61, 52 ,68
    (0.24, 0.21, 0.27, 0.27)
Haze Density: 0.81
Density Multiplier: 0.52
Distance Multiplier: 19.0
Max Altitude: 2960

Sun/Moon Color: 255, 128, 0
    (1.0, 0.5, 0.0, 1.0)
Ambient: 29, 35, 49
    (0.11, 0.14, 0.19, 0.19)
Sun Glow:
    Focus: 0.13
    Size: 1.96
Star Brightness: 0.31
Scene Gamma: 1.09
Sun/Moon Position: 6:05 AM
East Angle: 0.82

Cloud Color: 45, 134, 134
    (0.17, 0.52, 0.52, 0.52)
Cloud XY/Density: 0.88, 0.53, 0.43
    (1.0, 0.53, 0.53)
Cloud Coverage: 0.34
Cloud Scale: 0.22
Cloud Detail (XY/Density): 0.42, 0.61, 0.09
    (1.0, 0.53, 0.09)
Cloud Scroll XY: 0.07, 0.07


Water Fog Color: 19, 32, 32
Fog Density Exponent: 5.0
Underwater Fog Modifier: 0.9
Big Wave Direction: -0.05, -0.31
Reflection Wavelet Scale: 4.4, 6.1, 4.7
Fresnel Scale: 0.53
Fresnel Offset: 0.39
Little Wave Direction: 0.26, 1.25
Refract Scale Above: 0.02
Refract Scale Below: 0.03
Blur Multiplier: 0.160