Using the HUD

On receiving the HUD, you simply need to wear it to join the hunt. The HUD should attach to the top left corner of your screen as shown:
HUD attached to top left of screen

The HUD will start off on the main screen, with an overview of your progress in the hunt and a set of icons for information and features.

Understanding the HUD Screens

Main Screen

Main Screen of HUD
On the main screen you will find a Countdown Timer and Account Balance information. As you progress through the game, the time remaining on Alex's 24 hour window will decrease, and as you collect Envelopes from the hunt locations, you will build toward your $1,000,000 goal.

Below your countdown timer and account balance are two rows of icons. The top row of icons links to various websites related to MadPeas and Sanity Falls. The second row of icons contain the main features of the HUD that will help you in your hunt. In the bottom right corner of the HUD is a "?" button that leads directly to this web page.

First Row:
    NOTE: due to how SL handles "Load URL" dialog requests, the HUD will pause for 10 seconds after clicking any of the website-loading buttons.
  1. Sanity Falls website
  2. Sanity Falls trailer video on YouTube
  3. MadPea Blog
  4. MadPeas on Facebook
Second Row:
  1. Phone Screen - for dialing various phone numbers you'll find throughout the hunt
  2. Address Book - see details on the Posters and Envelopes you've found, and get hints and map locations to the vendor locations
  3. Map - for a fast return to Sanity Falls from any other location
  4. Media Player - re-view images and animations you've been sent in-game

At any time in the game, you can return to the main screen by clicking the MadPea button at the bottom of the HUD.

If the HUD is taking up too much space on your screen, you can temporarily hide it by clicking the MadPea button while viewing the main screen. This will slide the HUD out of the way, and clicking the HUD again while it is hidden will return it to its normal position.

Phone Screen

Phone Screen of HUD
As you journey through the town of Sanity Falls, you will be looking for Posters with phone numbers on them. Use this screen while near a poster to enter its number and learn the location of one of the hidden Envelopes.

Dial a number by clicking the buttons to enter the number. As you type, the number will be displayed in the box at the top of the screen. If you make a mistake, the "DEL" button will delete the last digit from the number. To view the address book and see how many of the numbers you've dialed so far, click the blue Address Book button to the left of the 0. To confirm your entry and attempt to dial a number, click the "CALL" button. The "?" button will bring you to this page.

The numbers on the Posters around town are not the only numbers you can dial from the HUD. If you see any suspicious phone numbers around any MadPea game, try dialing it from the HUD. You may get a silly response, a bit of MadPea information, or even an unexpected surprise!

Address Book / Saved Media Messages

Address Book Screen of HUD
Once you have dialed a phone number from a poster, its information will be added to this screen. Here you will find information for all 50 Posters and Envelopes, so you can see what remains to be completed.

Clicking on the arrows at the top of the screen will switch to the previous/next page, and clicking on any line will give you more details on that item. For an unknown number, this will just be a note to search around the town for posters, but for any number that you've dialed already, clicking that line in the Address Book will re-display the item's hint on your screen and give you a link to teleport back to the vendor location.

The Saved Media Messages screen works the same way as the Address book, listing all the images/animations that have been sent to your HUD in order of when you first received them. Clicking an individual message in the list will retrieve the image for you to view.

Media Viewer

Media Viewer Screen of HUD
At some points in the game, you may be shown an image or animation on the HUD.

These images may be part of the storyline, hints on where to look, or just unexpected or silly responses to interacting with the environment.

Any image or animation presented to you will be stored temporarily in the HUD for later viewing, so unless your HUD crashes or has its scripts reset, you can navigate through the images that you have seen using the Saved Media Messages screen or the arrows at the top of this screen of the HUD.


Message Screen of HUD
Throughout the game, you will be shown messages on the HUD. These can be triggered by completing game tasks such as collecting a phone number or envelope, or for interacting with a specific object. Many secrets are hidden in Sanity Falls, so explore every corner and inspect anything that looks unusual!

Messages containing an SLURL will automatically attempt to open your map, and will show the region name within <> brackets on the HUD. These messages will not be stored within the HUD, but will be echoed to your client's local chat for your convenience.

Streaming Media

In our constant quest to improve the quality of gaming in Second Life, MadPea Productions has decided to make use of the features of Viewer 2 / Viewer 3's "Shared Media" ability to bring higher-quality and more reliable audio effects into the Sanity Falls hunt. By enabling this feature, you will be able to hear voiceovers from characters in the game directly through your HUD. No more jumbled 10-second SL audio clips, Streaming Media allows us to host audio files on the web and have you play them directly.

Because this method pulls data from outside of Second Life, it requires your interaction to enable, and may even be disabled in your client by default. For Viewer 2 / Viewer 3 clients such as the official Linden Labs viewer or Firestorm, clicking the status indicator (see top image to the right) should load the media streaming connection (will change to middle image). When a voiceover or media clip is playing, you will see the bottom image, and with a Viewer 2 / Viewer 3 client, can click to interact and pause / replay the clip.

For pre-Viewer 2 clients (Phoenix, Imprudence, etc.) without web-on-prim abilities, we have included a "Legacy Mode" which attempts to play through the Parcel Media stream. This mode will only work for the HUD while on Hoshi Island. Once Legacy mode is enabled on the HUD, simply begin playback of the region's Parcel Media (or select the option in your viewer's preferences enabling scripts to play media) to be able to hear voiceovers As with Viewer 2 / Viewer 3 clients, you can tell the media streaming connection's status by the indicator near the bottom of the HUD.

[TO ADD: Per-Viewer Preferences Screen shots with highlights on required settings]
Streaming Media Status Indicators